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Invoice Still Shows As Unpaid Even After Payment

If you have recently made a payment for any of the services listed at myglobalHOST but the Invoice is still showing pending then don’t worry. We will help you resolve this and make sure that your paid amount is safe.

Is the amount deducted?

  • First and the foremost step is to check your bank account to know if the money is actually deducted from your account or not.
  • This will ensure you if, there is a technical error, a slow internet issue or any other unexpected issue.
  • We shall fix this as per the below scenarios:

Yes, the amount is deducted

  • If the amount has been deducted from your account however the invoice still shows pending or unpaid. Then, first of all don’t worry and try to logout and login again.
  • If it does not help then open a ticket OR, contact us immediately as sometimes the payment gets stuck with the gateway and needs manual intervention.
  • Upon being contacted by you, we will track the status of payment from our Bank or the Payment Gateway Providers and resolve this for you within maximum of 24 working hours.

NOTE: While contacting us, make sure to share transaction number, screenshot of the deduction from your bank account. This will help us resolve the issue faster.

No, the amount is not deducted

  • If the amount is not deducted from your bank then, there is nothing to worry at all.
  • You can logout and login again at myglobalHOST’s member area and try to make the payment again as it is completely safe.

If this post was unable to help you then, you’re advised to contact our support number and we shall be happy to help.