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How to Upgrade a Hosting Plan?

If you’re an existing web hosting customer at myglobalHOST and wants to know if you can upgrade the hosting plan then, the straight forward answer is yes. You can upgrade your hosting plan anytime and the best part is that you only have to pay for the difference amount that too for the balance tenure of your existing period.

Let’s know how?

  • Upgrading a hosting plan is really simply.
  • Login to myglobalHOST’s members area
  • Open a ticket (If you’re not sure how to open a ticket, then kindly checkout detailed steps here.
  • Mention your desired plan and we shall revert with the pricing and other details.
  • Upon your confirmation to proceed, we will raise the Invoice.
  • Make the payment and you’re done. The account will be upgraded almost immediately and a confirmation email will be sent on your registered email ID.

Instant Upgrade

  • If you’re looking for an upgrade instantly and does not want to go through the above process which takes sometime then, simply contact myglobalHOST’s live chat or whatsapp number and ask for an upgrade.

NOTE: Instant upgrade is only available from 11AM to 6PM (all days).