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How to take a full account backup in cPanel (Manually)?

Generating Backup is very important if you’re planning to move / transfer your website and its data to another website hosting provider or for safety reasons.

Generating full account backup in cPanel Hosting.

Please follow the below steps:

  • Login to cPanel
  • Locate & Click on “Backup” (Blue coloured icon)
  • Click on “Download a Full Account Backup” button
  • Select a backup destination or leave it as it is (by default it is Home Directory)
  • Enter your choice of Email Address if you want to get notified once the full backup is completed
  • Click on “Generate Backup” button
  • Thats it

NOTE: This self generated backup uses your own Hosting Storage

How to download a full account backup file?

  • Login to cPanel
  • Locate & Click on “Backup” (Blue coloured icon)
  • Locate Backups Available for Download: (It will show you the list of backups generated by you)
  • Select a backup you wish to download – Thats it

NOTE: If you do not see any list of backup – then it means that you have not created a full account backup.