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How to Login to cPanel at myglobalHOST?

Let us guide you on how to login to cPanel when using myglobalHOST hosting services. There are 2 ways through which a user can login to cPanel i.e direct and indirect. See below to know both of them:

Login With Password (Direct Login)

This is the most common and secured way to login to cPanel.

  • Visit or
  • Enter Username and Password (As shared by your hosting provider).
  • Click on ‘Login’ button in order to login.

NOTE: Replace with your actual domain name.

Login Without Password (Indirect Login)

A little lengthy and unsecured way however best if you do not remember the cPanel login details. This option only works in case your hosting has been purchased by myglobalHOST.

  • Visit myglobalHOST’s members area.
  • Login using your registered email ID and password.
  • Navigate to ‘Main Menu’ > ‘Services’ > ‘My Services’. (It will take you to My Products & Services page, where all your purchased hosting plans will be shown)
  • Click on ‘Active’ button (which is written just below the ‘status’ tab. (It will show you the detailed hosting page which contains almost all information related to your active hosting plan)
  • Carefully check the left side bar which says ‘Actions’ tab > Click on ‘Login to cPanel’ button. “It will log you in to your cPanel in a new window / tab without asking for any login details.

Important Note

  • Sharing your cPanel login details may be risky for you, Share it with others at your own risk.
  • Never share your myglobalHOST’s members login details with anyone as then anyone can delete / edit or corrupt your entire data, invoices, emails etc.
  • In above cases, myglobalHOST or any of its associate team members / representatives will not be held responsible for any loss of data / money or otherwise.