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Where to Find myglobalHOST Nameservers?

For your domain to work properly, it is necessary that your domain should be connected to your hosting plan at myglobalHOST, and the domain must be pointed to myglobalHOST nameservers 💡

Myglobalhost nameservers:




It is highly recommended to check the email sent to you while order a hosting plan from myglobalHOST. In most of the cases, the email will be subjected as “IMP Account Information”. You can contact myglobalHOST in case of any confusion / support.

Important NOTE:

  • Updating nameservers are requirement only if you have purchased the domain from provider other than myglobalHOST.
  • In case, a domain is purchased from myglobalHOST then there is no need of updating the nameservers.
  • After updating nameservers, DNS propagation will start and may take upto 48hours; during this time, it’s expected that your website won’t work.
  • SSL will be auto installed once the dns propagation is completed. There is no action to be taken from your end in case hosting can been purchased from myglobalHOST. However you can force SSL ON if you wish to redirect http to https.