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How To Add Funds In Myglobalhost Account?

Adding a fund in myglobalHOST client account is a secured and hassle-free feature.

Adding funds saves you from having a burden of last moment renewals.

Adding Funds

Let’s know how you can add funds in your myglobalHOST account in 4 easy steps:


  • Login to myglobalHOST’s client area using your registered email ID and password.


  • After you have logged in, navigate to ‘Main Menu’ > ‘Billing’ > ‘Add Funds’

Choose Amount

  • Choose the desired amount which you wish to add in your account and use later.
  • The minimum and maximum amount you can add is restricted to avoid abuse.
  • Min Amount of ₹100 to max ₹3,000 can be added any time to an upper limit of ₹10,000 per account.
  • The default currency is INR – Indian National Rupee.

Pay to Add Funds

  • Click on Add Funds > An Invoice will be raised.
  • Upon payment the funds will be added and shown in your myglobalHOST’s members account.

Where can you use these funds?

You can use the funds if added in your account for

  • Ordering a new service.
  • Renewing an old service.

Hope this helps you in understanding the basics and importance of adding funds in your hosting provider’s account (myglobalHOST).