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Enable Auto Scaling in Cloud Hosting

We proudly announce launch of our new cloud hosting feature: “AUTO SCALING

Experience full power of the server by converting your ordinary shared web hosting account into Auto Scaling Cloud Hosting. Yes! Now you can order ‘Auto Scaling’ as add-on service for your web hosting plan only at myglobalHOST. We are the only web hosting provider in late 2023 (early 2024) to become the First Cloud Auto Scaling Hosting Provider in India. Let’s understand various aspects of it.

What is Auto Scaling?

Auto scaling in web hosting is a dynamic and intelligent resource management technique designed to adapt to the changing demands of online applications and services. In essence, it is the art of automatically allocating or de-allocating computing resources like CPU, Memory (RAM), storage I/O Speed, and network bandwidth as needed. This means that as your website or application experiences fluctuations in traffic, the hosting infrastructure automatically scales up or down in response. For instance, during peak traffic hours, additional servers may be provisioned to handle the increased load, ensuring that your site maintains optimal performance and availability. Conversely, during periods of low traffic, excess resources are automatically reclaimed to save on hosting costs. Auto scaling not only enhances the user experience by preventing downtime and slow response times but also helps optimize your hosting budget, making it a vital tool for web applications of all sizes.

Why to Choose Cloud Auto Scale Hosting Plan?

First of all, it is an affordable replacement for Cloud Hosting which turns our to be expensive over shared web hosting plans. One of the most important advantages of an auto scale web hosting plan is that Auto scaling allows your hosting infrastructure to grow or shrink in response to changing traffic patterns. This means your website or application can handle sudden traffic spikes without experiencing downtime or performance issues. This scalability ensures a consistently smooth user experience, which is crucial for online businesses and services.

  1. Auto Scaling works flawlessly for handling dynamic hosting resources like:
    1. CPU Cores
    2. RAM / Memory
    3. Storage IO / Data Transfer Speed
    4. Bandwidth

How to Upgrade? (for Old Customers)

You can upgrade your current hosting plan with Autoscaling feature in below _____ easy steps:

  1. Visit myglobalHOST’s members area.
  2. Login using your registered email ID and password.
  3. Navigate to ‘Main Menu’ > ‘Services’ > ‘My Services’. (It will take you to My Products & Services page, where all your purchased hosting plans will be shown)
  4. Carefully check the left side bar which says ‘Actions’ tab > Click on ‘View Available Addons’ button or click here. (You should be logged-in, in order to see this option)
  5. Choose ‘Auto Scale’ box and click on > ‘Order Now’.
  6. Click on ‘Checkout’ > Make the payment.
  7. This is it. Auto Scaling feature will be enabled in your web hosting account within a maximum of 24 working hours.

Important Note: No data loss or change in nameservers will take place. Everything be done automatically in the backend by our team of server administrators.

How to Buy? (New Customers)

Kindly visit myglobalHOST and order the suitable web hosting plan for your website. Once purchased, follow the process as described above under ‘How to Upgrade? (for Old Customers)’ heading.

Limitations of AutoScale Hosting?

Auto Scale may have some limitations which is not worth noticing. However, it is our customer’s right to know everything about it in order to decide if to go with us.

  1. Auto Scaling does not work for fixed hosting resources like:
    1. Number of Email ID’s
    2. Number of FTP Accounts
    3. Number of Sub-Domains
    4. Number of Add-on Domains
    5. Number of SQL Database
    6. Number of Processes
    7. Number of Entry Process
    8. Number of IOPS
  2. Apart from the above, Auto Scaling may be restricted to an upper limit which is decided based on the server overall resources.

Need Free Demo / Trial?

In case, you wishes to opt for Auto Scaling feature but needs to see the improvement then feel free to open a ticket and we will be glad to offer a 24hours (1day) free trial / demo.


  1. You should have an active web hosting plan from myglobalHOST in order to be eligible for a free trial / demo.
  2. List of plan users not applicable for Auto Scaling are not updated yet. Kindly check with our support team to know more about it.